Will Radshield radiator cover affect heating efficiency?

Any cover will reduce output from radiator – British Standard tests prove that 90-92% of heat is still distributed from a Radshield protected radiator.

Fitting reflective sheets behind the radiator will improve this percentage.  Heating costs should not be affected.

What a Radshield radiator covers made from?

Radshield radiator cabinets are made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) making them lightweight and easy to install.

Can they be fitted easily?

After a batten has been screwed to the wall, most covers are simply held in place by 5 screws.

Full fitting instructions are on this site but we can talk you through any situation.

Can you fit them for me?

We can send a fitter to install the radiator shield for you – please ask for a quote or advise a local workmen.

Have your products being British standard tested?

Our radiator safety cabinets and pipe casings have been tested to BS3528 and the materials used in their construction tested to BS476

These extensive tests prove that the majority of this comes out of the cover as well as a proving the surface temperature is less than that which could cause burns.

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